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Big Data World 2019: Post-Event Highlights

September 28th, 2023


Team Astera attended Big Data World 2019 as a Gold sponsor and had a great experience interacting with data scientists, C-level execs, and thought leaders from across the United Kingdom and other countries. The two-day event was filled with networking and business opportunities. It provided us with a remarkable stage to introduce our flagship products and the latest data virtualization solution.

Event Overview

Big Data World 2019, held at ExCel, London on 12-13th March, is among the leading events in the UK. With 100+ expert speakers, 5,000+ attendees, and 40+ sponsors, BDW’19 provided a well-rounded experience, opening up all kinds of opportunities, such as networking, partnership, branding, thought leadership, and exposure to a variety of data solutions. The event covered topics ranging from data integration to data management and touched all the leading technologies, including BI and analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Highlights of the Event

Big Data World 2019 has allowed us to take a major step towards entering the UK market and understanding its verticals. Here are the highlights of the event:

Our COO Conducted an Enlightening Speaking Session

Jay Mishra, COO Astera Software, shared expert insights on how automating the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process can accelerate data integration tasks with the help of a case study in his speaking session on Data for Everyone: Enabling Self-Service Data Management. The session addressed major underlying issues with manual ETL and how it eats away valuable enterprise resources.

Jay introduced the self-service, automated ETL approach that can transform manual integration into a repeatable workflow. He demonstrated how one of our customers has used our flagship product, Centerprise, to cut down two months’ worth of work to just a couple of hours. Through Centerprise’s process orchestration and workflow automation capabilities, built-in data transformations, and drag-and-drop, code-free GUI, the customer reduced developer resources and cost spent on data integration tasks by 99.5%.

We Introduced our Data Virtualization Platform

Big Data World 2019 proved to be a great platform to introduce our newest data virtualization solution. Designed to extract, transform, and merge data from disparate sources into a single, homogenous dataset, our data virtualization platform creates a logical access point to deliver integrated data, while hiding away underlying technical details. With features like virtual data models, multi-table query generation, entity relationship, source caching, and more, users can create a virtual data layer to get a unified view of heterogeneous data sources in just a matter of minutes.

We Got a Great Response from the Attendees …

Since it was the first tradeshow for Team Astera in the UK, it was critical for us to make an impact, and we did! We talked to C-suite, data architects, and IT managers from versatile industries like financial services, information technology, marketing & advertising, and more. We inquired about their data management challenges and showed how our products can address them tactfully through live demos.

50+ people attended our speaking session on both days, some of which made their way to our booth to seek more information about our solutions and use cases. Overall, we received great feedback on our products’ user-friendly, intuitive design and robust functionality.

… And from Technology Partners Too!


Astera’s products, Centerprise, ReportMiner, and the latest data virtualization platform, were well-received by technology partners. They were impressed by the smooth, user-friendly interface that required little to no coding for performing complex processes, like data integration, migration, transformation, extraction, conversion, and more.

Overall, Big Data World 2019 has been a rewarding journey for our team, opening new avenues for business and partnership. It enabled us to connect with prospective customers and potential partners, understand their use cases and challenges, and provide solutions that meet their specific data management requirements.

Our next stop is Big Data Toronto 2019 held on June 12th and 13th, 2019 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Register now to get a pass for the conference.





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