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Data is essential to the day-to-day operations of an enterprise. However, to harness and derive value from it, it‘s important to break data silos and get all the information required in a single place for data massaging, transformation, and loading onto a destination.

Purpose-built to fulfill the demands of the modern enterprise, Astera Centerprise is an enterprise-ready ETL solution that offers data integration and transformation capabilities for data of any complexity or size in a variety of formats, from complex hierarchical files and unstructured documents to industry formats such as EDI, and even legacy data like COBOL. Ensuring seamless connectivity to on-premise databases, cloud-based applications, and visualization tools, Astera Centerprise helps businesses gain a unified view of their data assets and make holistic, data-driven decisions.

How the ETL Process Works

An integral part of any organization’s data integration strategy, ETL is a process to blend data from multiple source systems , convert it into a consistent format, and load data into a target database. By providing a consolidated, 360-degree view of data, ETL tools enable business users to stay on top of the changing market dynamics and make smarter decisions at the right time.


Extract data from multiple heterogeneous or homogeneous sources into one place for massaging and transformation.

The parallel-processing engine of Astera Centerprise splits large data sets into smaller subsets that are processed in parallel to ensure high-speed integration, regardless of the data size and format.

Astera Centerprise’s extensive library of connectors makes the process of data extraction completely code-free, offering business users great usability.


Transform data using Astera Centerprise’s intuitive drag-and drop interface and view output at any point to instantly find and correct problems.

Choose from an extensive range of transformations for flat and hierarchical data processing, data merging, change data capture, reference lookups, and more.

String one or more of these transformations together to build powerful dataflows and orchestrate them into a workflow.


Write data onto any enterprise application, database, web service, or cloud application rapidly with Astera Centerprise’s vast selection of connectors.

From simple fixed-length and delimited files to XML structures, SOAP and REST web services, CRM and ERP applications, and databases, Astera Centerprise supports bulk load support, near real-time data synchronization, and batch updates for all destinations, enabling swift and reliable data integration.

Looking to Integrate Your Data Fast and Code-Free?

Build a Cohesive Data Foundation

Leveraging ETL and its rich data mapping and transformation capabilities, Astera Centerprise makes it easier for businesses to synchronize, transform, and move data to their preferred destination.

Key features of our ETL software include:

Code-Free, User-Friendly Interface

With its familiar look and feel and code-free environment, Astera Centerprise offers the same level of usability and approachability to both developers and non-developers.

High-Performance, Parallel Processing Engine

With a cluster-based architecture, Astera Centerprise distributes job across multiple nodes, thereby accelerating the integration and transformation of large datasets.

Define Data Quality Rules

Easily define data quality rules and validate incoming data against them to identify and correct missing or inaccurate data. Create a record-level log to gain better visibility of data quality errors and warnings.

Support for All Data Formats

Astera Centerprise offers support for data in any format and complexity, whether structured or unstructured, flat or hierarchical files, legacy or modern data streams.

Extensive Library of Connectors

From web services and databases to CRM applications, ERP systems, and mainframes, users can connect and integrate data from any data source using Astera Centerprise’s extensive library of connectors.

Advanced Data Mapping and Transformation

Using the wide selection of advanced transformations available in Centerprise, businesses can easily integrate, parse, and build complex XML, JSON, and EDI files.

Save Time with Process Orchestration

Streamline data integration and free up resources using the powerful process orchestration capabilities of our ETL software. Built-in workflow features include FTP uploads and downloads, SQL execution, email, and more.

Boost Performance with Pushdown Optimization

Optimize the use of available resources with pushdown optimization. Astera Centerprise’s intelligent algorithm identifies where processing data in a source or target database will lead to significant performance gains and generates SQL queries automatically.

Accelerate Your Move to the Cloud

Offering out-of-the-box connectivity to Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon Redshift, Astera Centerprise helps you extend your existing enterprise data into the cloud, offering you many benefits around performance, agility, and cost savings.

Turn Information into Insight

Astera Centerprise enables businesses to write data to BI and visualization tools with unrivaled ease. With built-in connectors for PowerBI and Tableau, you can easily integrate data and transform it into insights with just a few clicks.

Ready to Unlock the Value of Your Data with an ETL Solution?