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The No-Code Data Integration Platform

Where Simplicity Meets Powerful Functionality

Meet Astera Centerprise

A code-free data integration platform powered by an enterprise-grade ETL/ELT engine. Use it to build automated data pipelines from your source systems to destination in just minutes.


Ingest, enrich, and consolidate enterprise data, all in one platform


Bring speed to every step of your data integration. Process large volumes of data at speed to drive any ETL and ELT initiatives in all


Empower end users to take control of data-driven initiatives with an easy to use solution

Extract. Transform. Load. Automate

Experience the power of true ETL automation with built-in orchestration and scheduling. Build your data pipelines once and set them to run and get accurate intelligence delivered to your destination of choice as and when you need it.

Connect data assets across the enterprise with native connectors and turn your data sources into insight generators by building a single source for your business intelligence

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Build reusable data pipelines to automatically bring in partner data from any source, in any format without writing any SQL scripts.

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Prepare your enterprise data to meet ever-evolving BI requirements with integrated drag & drop transformations. Use built-in quality rules or define your own.

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Migrate high volumes of heterogenous data from disparate sources to a destination of your choice. Leverage Astera’s rich hierarchical data mapping capabilities to migrate complex hierarchical structures effortlessly.

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Amanda Moede, Children’s Community Health Plan

CCHP Processes Health Claims EDI files in an Automated, Error-Free, Agile Manner

Astera’s Centerprise helped CCHP save time and cost by improving data quality standards and speeding up encounters’ processing

Amanda Moede, Children’s Community Health Plan

Gwen Conarton, Michigan Education Institution

MEA Automates Data Extraction and Integration Tasks to Build its Data Warehouse

Astera Centerprise helped MEA effortlessly build a data warehouse by extracting and consolidating data from multiple file formats, scheduling integration processes and automating data pipelines.

Gwen Conarton, Michigan Education Institution

Mario Ferrer

Cutting Data Integration Processes from 2 Weeks to 5 Minutes

Astera Centeprise cut down repetitive tasks that used to take 2 weeks to just five minutes, leading to cost savings, and increased productivity.

Mario Ferrer
  • Mclane Glob
  • Kofax
  • Reliance
  • Nissan
  • Am Trust Financial
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Case Study

Cherry Health Transforms Its Patient Recordkeeping Process

Case Study

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