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Cost Savings Calculator

Is your organization still relying on manual hand-coded processes to extract data from incoming forms, emails, documents, and PDF files?

Automated data extraction can significantly reduce your data-to-insights journey and free up critical IT resources in the process. That means your business gets to spend less while leveraging more value from its existing assets.

Our ReportMiner Cost Savings Calculator translates those business benefits into real dollars and cents. Enter your details below to find out how much value our solution can bring to your business.

Fill in the values with your organization’s statistics

Number of Data Analysts working on extracting data from multi-structured or unstructured documents like spreadsheets, txt, rtf, JSON, XML, log files and pdf formats

Average Annual Salary of a Data Analyst (in USD)


Percentage of Time Data Analysts Spent on Data Extraction, Cleaning and Preparation in a day*


* On average, 80% of a Data Analyst's time is spent in doing this.