Automated Data Extraction2024-02-02T17:06:45+00:00

With the diversity and volume of data multiplying every year, data extraction software is key to unlock the business-critical data trapped in unstructured formats (PDF, DOCX, PRN, etc.), store it in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), and analyze it for business intelligence. Astera’s report extraction software enables users to drop the incoming files onto a location, which triggers the product to execute the workflow, moving the data through a predefined quality and profiling process. With a built-in ETL functionality, users can easily move the extracted information to the data repository using a native connector.

Data preparation and extraction for faster business intelligence

Manual data extraction is not so easy. It requires complex workflows and significant hand-coding to extract, cleanse, and validate unstructured data from PDF files, RTF and text documents. Using Astera ReportMiner’s report extraction features, analysts can visually piece together workflows of any complexity and scale, automating the entire process from the point data enters the organization to when it is stored after conversion, transformation, and validation. Running parallel jobs, sending notifications, uploading, calling external programs – every action can be used as a building block to build an automated business information workflow faster than ever before.

Astera ReportMiner document extraction software offers features like workflow orchestration, email/FTP/folder integration, a job scheduler, automated name & address parsing, and auto-creation of data extraction patterns to expedite the data preparation process. This saves users from labor-intensive and time-consuming manual tasks while improve data quality.

Discover a Smarter, Easier Way to Automate Unstructured Data Extraction Workflows