As we step into 2020, we want to take a moment to reflect upon all the milestones and achievements that we accomplished in 2019, and extend our gratitude to our employees and customers for making it a great year. Whether it’s product development, brand recognition, partnerships, or market growth, we have made great strides in all areas.

Without any further ado, here are the major highlights of 2019 through Astera Software’s lens:

We Rolled Out Astera Centerprise 8.0 with Dozens of New Features

Astera Centerprise 8.0

2019 had been the year in which we released several major updates and features to facilitate business users with their data management tasks. In the 8.0 release, we upgraded Astera Centerprise with a more scalable, REST-enabled architecture, enabling highly secure exchange of information between the server and clients through HTTPS commands.

We included several new features, such as SmartMatch functionality, Data Cleanse Transformation, Dynamic Layouts, Job Optimizer, Job Parameterization, Astera REST Web Service APIs, and more. All features have been developed to streamline data processes, ensuring accurate, timely insights for concrete decision making.

Perhaps, the most noticeable and exciting update in Astera Centerprise 8.0 is the new, fresh user interface, featuring a smooth design, new icons, and appealing colors. In addition, we included the search feature in the Toolbox, Expression Builder, Job Monitor, and Server Log, ensuring faster and easier navigation.

Want to experience the new features and updates first-hand? Download the free trial of Astera Centerprise 8.0 now!

Many New Customers Streamlined Their Data Processes Through Our Solutions

In 2019, customers from many industry verticals, including government, automotive, aviation, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, and more, chose Astera Centerprise and Astera ReportMiner to accomplish their business targets. We have helped them with a variety of data use cases, including legacy data migration, claims data management, transformation and integration of sales data, automating report generation process to save manual time and efforts, and several others.

A Few Words from Our Happy Customers

Nothing makes our chest swell with pride than customer reviews that show sheer satisfaction, indicating to us that we are doing something right. Among the many customers that joined the Astera Software family, here are a few who decided to let their peers know how our products are helping streamline their data use cases:

“Solid Tool for Data Integrations”

“Astera Centerprise is an overall solid product that I have used for many years to move data from point A to point B. With the large array of features, data integrations become fast and easy. The ability to save things into workflows allows us to reuse our work and complete tasks with a push of a button. ”

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“Ease of Development”

“Very happy with the product. Minimum development and maintenance time. Easy to manage job schedule.”

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“Guarantees the Extraction of Information from Any Data Source”

“It has been a high-performance data extraction solution capable of ingesting data of different file formats and including unstructured data sources, it is equipped with automation functions that allow us to instantly identify names and directions, analyze them and extract them.”

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“Show Stopper Tool in Report Extraction Industry Software.”

“ReportMiner is best to report extractor software existing in the current software industry. It easily integrates with existing solutions and interprets the same behavior of humans monotonous work …. high scalability and easy to integrate with any system using APIs and this makes it a robust software.”

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We Moved to a New Documentation Platform

At Astera Software, all our efforts are focused on facilitating our customers to have a seamless experience with our solutions. That includes our vast, highly informational documentation platform. We have moved our product documentation to a new site to offer users easy navigation so they can find information pieces without any trouble.

Check out our new documentation site

We Joined Hands with New Partners

To expand our reach globally, we have been actively onboarding new partners from various regions. We are thrilled to have partnered with Intellidata that offers data and analytics services for refining Associate Management System (AMS) data into actionable insights for decision-making in Canada.

We partnered with IESoftek, a reputed technology consultancy company, helping customers in India and the Middle East to fill gaps in their business operations through smart, reliable technology solutions.

With the help of our new partners, we are exploring new avenues and working diligently to establish a foothold in different markets across the globe.

We Bagged the Gold in the International APICTA Awards

Astera Centerprise

Lastly, our team secured the Gold Award at the 19th International APICTA Awards for Astera Centerprise in the Business Services product category. We showcased the data integration capabilities of our product and scored the highest in evaluation criteria, comprising of uniqueness, market potential, functionalities & features, and quality & application of technology.

We have great things planned for 2020, including amazing new product updates and features. Keep an eye out on our website and social media pages to ensure that you don’t miss out on the new features and improved functionality of our products geared towards helping developers and business users get the maximum value out of their enterprise data.

2019 has been a remarkable year for us – we hope it was for you too. We wish you a data-driven and insightful year ahead!

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