Data is a vital part of every business, and organizations must analyze large volumes of data in order to derive value from it. In the past, businesses have been heavily dependent on their IT department to access data, manage it, and perform analysis. Self-service BI tools help bridge the gap between IT and BI, enabling business users to execute analytical processes independently.

What is Self-Service BI?

Self-service BI enables business users to retrieve data for self-directed reporting and visualization without IT intervention.Data integration plays a major role in this process by consolidating data from disparate sources and standardizing it for the end-process i.e. BI.

Self-service in handling data helps streamline business processes by simplifying information access. In addition, it also reduces overall costs by eliminating the need for additional IT resources. Go through the infographic below to learn more about self-service BI:

Self-Service BI: Power Up Your Analytics Through Easy Data Integration infographic

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