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Streamline Purchase Order Processing with Astera ReportMiner

Ammar Ali

Content Manager

October 10th, 2022

According to Gartner Procurement & Operations Leadership Council report, 72% of Chief Procurement Officers cited the underutilization of automation technologies as their most critical problem. One of the report’s key findings is that procurement must learn how to manage complex supply bases better to uncover risks quickly and improve performance.

In today’s digitized sales cycle process where organizations must handle numerous transactions in minutes, it’s critical to focus on automation. Why? Because a manual approach can significantly bottleneck the sales process. Physically routing purchase orders can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to unnecessary costs and delays.

A simple way to overcome this problem is by automating purchase order processing. It’s faster and more efficient. It involves capturing relevant datasets from purchase orders, converting them into a structured format, performing verification, and loading them to a database for further processing.

Automation is the way forward

Modern AI-powered data extraction tools use natural language processing and machine learning to capture data. This allows structuring the unstructured PO data without manual data entry, reducing processing times and maximizing efficiency.

Automated data extraction can accelerate and simplify purchase order processing. As a result, legal and tax compliance checks, accounting entry, and payment processing can be performed faster.

With this automation, companies can perform business analysis and leverage these insights for their reports.

Astera ReportMiner — An end-to-end Data Extraction Solution

Astera ReportMiner is an enterprise-grade data extraction solution designed to automate and streamline data extraction from unstructured documents like purchase orders. It comes equipped with a powerful ETL engine that can handle large volumes of data.

The template-based data extraction solution empowers organizations to seamlessly capture relevant datasets in purchase orders while ensuring maximum speed and accuracy

The infographic will show how you can use Astera ReportMiner to streamline purchase order processing:

Request a free trial of Astera ReportMiner 10.0 to experience AI Capture today!

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