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Connect Internal and External Touchpoints and Build 360˚ Customer View

Simplify Your Customer Data Integration Process

Staying relevant to customer demands and preferences in today’s digitally evolving world requires in-depth insights into the information captured from varied sources. But with the volume, velocity, and variety of data produced, creating an accurate picture of their customer-facing activities is a challenge that every organization has to address at some point.

By unifying multichannel data, decision-makers gain the requisite understanding to deliver seamless customer experiences across all channels. This is where Astera’s unique customer 360 profiling capabilities come in.

Astera Centerprise is an enterprise-ready, end-to-end customer data management platform that allows you to integrate, clean, and transform your data – all without coding. It has all the essential features you need to kick-start your Customer Data Integration (CDI) project, combine heterogeneous data sources, and build a customer 360-degree view that directly impacts the business’ bottom-line.

Integrate Cross-Channel Customer Data

Automate data transfer from a range of on-premise and cloud sources to a unified repository, and get in-depth insights about your customers’ needs and buying preferences.

Standardize Varying
Customer Data Formats

Implement pre-set parameters using our built-in transformations and eliminate the guesswork and inconsistencies from your customer data integration process.

Harmonize Communication Channels

Get near real-time access to customer information by synchronizing updates from source to target system through job scheduling and workflow orchestration.

Get Real-Time

Visualize consolidated customer data through native PowerBI and Tableau connectors, and drive real-time decision making across marketing, sales, and product delivery teams.

Automated Data Integration to Create a Holistic Customer 360-Degree Profile

Extract customer data from internal and external sources using our 40+ pre-built data integration connectors with zero coding.

Validate incoming customer data use built-in data quality and cleansing features to remove duplications and inconsistencies.

Take advantage of smart transformations to match, aggregate, and integrate customer data to get real-time insights and build targeted buyer profiles.

Automate your dataflows through event or time-based triggers and build self-managing data pipelines across your enterprise.

Get insights into the validity of your data mappings using Instant Data Preview, and fix errors in real-time before the job is executed.

Use the interactive, drag-and-drop UI to connect your customer storage systems and applications with a unified database for easy access.

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