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ETL Data mapping, also known as schema mapping, is the initial step in a wide variety of data integration processes. It involves mapping the elements of two distinct datasets or models to convert data from one source into a format that matches that of the destination location. The Astera platform eliminates the need for hand-coding to create complex source to target mappings and automates repetitive tasks in the data mapping process.

Convert, map, and validate complex data structures using a visual interface

Data conversion, translation, and source to target mapping are not complex tasks, but can be incredibly tedious and often error-prone, depending upon the scope of the data mapping tools being used. Almost every system will, at some point, need to transform data from one format to another, whether for importing data from another source, translating it from one format to another, or transforming it to a different output format. While many data integration mapping tasks are alike, they can be different enough to require specialized conversion that needs code to be written.

Astera’s ETL data mapping solutions are designed to handle complex data mapping requirements, including hierarchical data conversion. The code-free, visual environment ensures that anyone can create, debug, and manage complex dataflows and data mappings with basic drag-and-drop or single-click commands. The built-in quality module ensures that data is reliable with rich profiling, validation, and correction capabilities. For data warehousing, our source to target mapping software uses intelligent techniques that automatically match source and destination entities, while providing users the choice to take control with manual maps and writing expressions too.

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