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Modernize Your BI Architecture with a Future-Proof, Agile Data Warehouse

Deliver Cross-Enterprise Intelligence For Reporting and Analytics with a Unified Data Warehousing Solution

The landscape for data warehousing is evolving rapidly. As the volume and variety of enterprise data continues to grow, businesses are looking for to leverage their emerging information assets to the fullest.

With new use cases and users entering the fray, you need a data architecture that scales quickly, allows for easy customization, and can accommodate new sources, systems, and data formats.

Astera DW Builder is an end-to-end data warehouse automation tool that can solve all of the challenges that come with your data warehouse modernization initiatives. From engineering cloud migrations to integrations with leading BI and visualization platforms, ADWB does it all.

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration

Easily replatform your on-premise data to fast, scalable, and agile cloud platforms. Build a modern data warehouse architecture that can process high volumes of data in near real-time.

Easily Convert
Your Legacy Data

Transition from legacy databases and file systems to modern technologies that can improve data structure, reduce redundancy, and maximize efficiency for data storage and retrieval.

Automate Your Data Pipelines

Engineer a self-service data pipeline that takes raw inputs from your source systems, cleanses and transforms them, then integrates them into an analytics-ready data warehouse.

Support for a Variety
of Use Cases

Whether you want to rebuild and replace your legacy data warehouse architecture, move to a hybrid approach, or simply lift and shift your data to take advantage of new technologies, ADWB can support your needs.


The cloud horizontally scales the data out in order to meet the growing needs of analytics.

This helps users to focus more on analytics instead of worrying about data migration.


Uploading data into a cloud warehouse and diving into analytics is fast and inexpensive.

This reduces the system dependence on integrators and capital expenditures for hardware.


The cloud has high availability along with handling all upgrades the patches.

This shifts the focus of data warehouse professionals in development and analytics.

Low Total Cost

Start-up costs and maintenance of physical data platforms are far more than cloud environments.

It gives a data warehouse speed with minimal planning and administrative work.

Manage End-to-End Data Warehouse Development: Connect to Legacy Sources, Model Destination Schemas, Build Data Pipelines, and Deploy to Any Platform

Connect to 40+ sources including legacy data systems such as COBOL and IBM Db2, as well as an array of database connectors, API end points, and cloud platforms.

Design and configure your data architecture to suit your reporting and analytics requirements. From data vaults to data marts and data warehouses

Deploy your data warehouse in minutes to a range of leading cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, and Snowflake.

Gain deeper insights from enterprise data via our OData service layer. Consume data models in leading visualization and analytics platforms such as Tableau, and PowerBI.

Radically accelerate high-volume data pipelines by leveraging the native compute capacity of cloud and on-prem databases with ADWB’s powerful ELT mode.

Keep evolving your data warehouse. Quickly integrate new sources, tables, and operations into a modern data warehouse architecture. Verify and redeploy with ease.

Find Out How to Improve Performance, Decrease TCO, and Increase ROI from Your Data Warehouse.

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