Astera Software provides the tools developers, data analysts, and business users need to simplify and streamline processes at every stage of their data journey – from mining data from unstructured resources to bringing disparate data sources together and building a data warehouse. Designed to offer the same level of usability and performance to both technical and non-technical users, our data management solutions offer advanced data mapping, data transformation, and data cleansing capabilities.

Data integration solution used by Fortune 500 enterprises. Features an industrial-strength ETL engine, drag-and-drop interface, advance data mapping & profiling capabilities

Using a combination of template-based extraction and process orchestration, ReportMiner helps you easily handle and make sense of your unstructured data

Abstract away the complexity associated with electronic data interchange with EDIConnect – a solution to improve the speed and quality of data exchange

Astera’s SaaS offering to help you manage data integration and extraction jobs with less resources and developer time

How Do You Want To Use The Platform?

Legacy Data Modernization

Hierarchical Data Integration

Data Integration in the Cloud


Template-Based Data Extraction


Automated Data Extraction



Data Mapping

Data Integration

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