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Data is the driving force behind every business. However, to seize the information advantage and use data as a decision-making resource, businesses must leverage the power of both structured data contained in relational databases and unstructured data trapped in documents, spreadsheets, email messages, machine logs, and other data sources.

Purpose-built to handle unstructured data, Astera ReportMiner is an automated data extraction solution that combines the ease of use of rule-based data extraction with the power of an enterprise-grade ETL engine to help businesses streamline the extraction, transformation, and integration of data trapped in complex documents and unstructured data files.

The intuitive interface of Astera ReportMiner, an enterprise-grade data extraction solution, offers users the ability to construct reusable extraction templates without coding and extract documents in bulk as they are received. With process orchestration, users can automate report mining and downloading tasks, whilst cutting manual data extraction, reducing human error, and increasing cost savings.

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How A Data Extraction Solution Works

To capitalize on the explosive growth of unstructured data, businesses need a data extraction solution that can capture, transform, and convert unstructured data into a format compatible with their business systems or data warehousing and visualization solutions. Astera ReportMiner helps streamline this process with its unique approach that automates the entire process of extraction, ranging from data import to its conversion, validation, and loading to the destination .

data extraction solution


Seamlessly integrate data contained within unstructured data files into workflows with Astera ReportMiner.

The automated data extraction software allows users to extract data from PDFs, PDF forms, PRN, TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, and XLSX and build reusable extraction templates.

Leveraging the process orchestration capabilities of the solution, users can design workflows and automatically pull files from a folder, cloud storage solution, email inbox, or FTP location for extraction.

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Extracting data from unstructured documents can be a tricky feat. Astera ReportMiner makes the document processing simpler by allowing users to build extraction logic in a completely code-free manner.

Auto-creation of extraction patterns and the ability to create matching rules improve the quality and speed of data extraction, allowing businesses to access meaningful information faster for decision-making.

data extraction solution


Extract analytics-ready data using Astera ReportMiner’s sophisticated data quality and transformation features.

With its cluster-based architecture and powerful ETL features, the solution can extract, validate, and load high volumes of data onto the desired destination efficiently.

Out-of-the-box connectivity to databases, cloud solutions, and visualization tools allows the use of extracted data for populating a data warehouse through seamless data entry, analysis and reporting, or any other operational use.

Harness the Power of Unstructured Data with ReportMiner.

Harness the Power of Unstructured Data with ReportMiner.
data extraction solution

Transform Data into Business Intelligence

Combining the power of automation, parallel processing, and smart data extraction, Astera ReportMiner makes it easier for businesses to efficiently leverage unstructured data and integrate it with data warehousing and visualization tools to gain key insights.

Key features of Astera ReportMiner include:

Code-Free, User-Friendly Interface

Featuring a user-friendly interface, Astera ReportMiner offers users the ability to build extraction logics and patterns without the need for scripting or programming.

Support for a Range of Unstructured Documents

Whether it’s the processing of PDF forms, text documents, or spreadsheets, Astera ReportMiner enables multi-channel capture with its support for a range of unstructured documents.

Handle Large Volumes of Data Efficiently

With its high-performance, parallel processing engine, ReportMiner delivers superior performance, even when handling large volumes of unstructured data from disparate sources.

Advanced Data Mapping and Transformations

As a complete data extraction tool, Astera ReportMiner allows users to work directly with their data and apply complex transformations to normalize, denormalize, split, or merge data files.

Ability to Create Reusable Extraction Templates

Astera ReportMiner streamlines the capture of unstructured data by allowing users to build reusable extraction templates. These templates can then be deployed to extract desired data points from incoming documents automatically.

Automate the Process of Data Extraction

Enjoy improved agility and cost-effectiveness by automating the entire process of data extraction, right from the capture of incoming data to its conversion, validation, and loading on the preferred destination.

Validate Incoming Data for Quality

Make better decisions using data that has been validated against user-defined quality rules. Astera ReportMiner automatically flags the records that do not meet the desired criteria, ensuring user complete visibility of the data validation process.

Near Real-Time Data Extraction

Extract data in near real time or at specific intervals from files uploaded on a network folder, FTP location, or email inbox by designing a workflow. Astera ReportMiner will automatically match incoming files with the corresponding model and load data on the configured destination.

Export Data to a Range of Destinations

Leveraging Astera ReportMiner’s extensive library of connectors, users can write extracted data to an Excel, delimited, XML, or fixed-length file or export it to a database or a visualization tool like Tableau or PowerBI.

Create a Centralized Repository of Data

Leverage Astera’s innovative data model-driven approach to quickly build and populate a data warehouse with unstructured data that has been cleansed and validated using Astera ReportMiner.

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