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Leverage out of the box connectivity to SAP BAPI with Astera’s No-code, Drag-And-Drop UI

Integrating data stored in SAP ERP is a matter of drag-and-drop with Astera. The no-code, visual UI and the parallel processing ETL/ELT engine provide optimal user experience and top-notch performance.

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Build automated data pipelines and integrate your data with Astera’s SAP BAPI connector

Eliminate the need to manually build and integrate data pipelines with Astera’s SAP BAPI integration.
Empower your teams to take charge of their BI initiatives with a self-service data platform.

Combine multiple data sources

Integrate data spread across disparate systems using a library of built-in connectors without writing a single line of code.

Improve data

Advanced data quality features such as Data Cleanse, Data Quality Rules, and Data Profiling ensure only healthy data reaches your destination database and data warehouse.

Automate data integration

Build powerful ETL/ELT pipelines in a drag-and-drop environment and automate the entire data integration process with Job Scheduler and workflow orchestration.

Get analysis-ready data

Dramatically improve time-to-insight by leveraging built-in transformations. Get your data in the shape and format you need.

Build a single source of truth with Astera’s SAP
BAPI integration

Effortlessly extract data from your SAP ERP system, transform it, and load it to the destination of your choice without coding. Connect to a range of BI tools and derive meaningful insights.

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